Rebecca & Lindsey

A collaboration of identical twin sisters, Lindsey and Rebecca. Joining forces to fuse their passion for travel, fashion and beauty into captive images, with a never ending devotion to seek and find new inspirations. With photography that stops time, holds onto moments, creating a desire to want to see and know more.

Lindsey fills the role of creative director, stylist, editor, producer and coordinator. She has acquired talent from Rebecca to second shoot and assist behind the camera.

Rebecca developed her eye and honed her craft through world travel and documenting the beauty of day-to-day minutiae of life as a mother of two children. Finding perspective and beauty in the fray, Rebecca discovered that sometimes, the most cherished memories are captured in the most natural form ~ when they are on the fringe of a moment in time.

Perspectives that are influenced by a never ending desire to explore, spending more time traveling than home, suitcases never unpacked, passports full of stamps from worldwide adventures. Living between North America and Europe, their free spirits and gypsy lifestyle is mirrored in their genuine photography. Dreamers and doers, these girls make magic to produce storytelling images with a unique point of view and creative edge. 

Together, sisters and best friends create a perfect balance and are always ready and willing to go.. just say when!